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Teenagers Stuck In Child Swings

The first of a trio of incidents within the two counties, occurred in Baxter Park Kidderminster around 3:30pm on Thursday 11th August 2011. Firefighters were called to release a 12 year old who was also cared for by Ambulance personnel in scene. Later that night, Malvern firefighters were called to release a 14 year old from an infant swing in the park in Martin Close, Malvern. 

Then, last night (Monday 15th August 2011), a 16-year old got stuck in a child's swing around 11pm, in Kemson Park, Bromyard. In this case, the On-Call crew from Bromyard had to use hydraulic cutting equipment to release the teenager.

Station Commander Grant Wills said; "Young people - and their parents, need to be made aware that some play equipment in parks is designed for smaller children. If you are too big, there's a very real chance that you could get stuck and /or injure yourself trying to use it.

"We hope that young people across both counties will take this message on board and use park amenities safely – avoiding the embarrassment of being stuck and having to be rescued by the emergency services."