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Fire Service called to fuel spill

One fire crew from Hereford attended and found that a fuel container, understood to have fallen from a passing vehicle, was leaking diesel on to the road.

Firefighters used grab packs supplied by the Environment Agency, which all H&WFRS fire engines carry as standard, to absorb the fuel.

Crew Commander Gareth Clarke from H&WFRS explained: "Firefighters placed the leaking container into a drum, and then used environmental grab packs to absorb the diesel, effectively preventing it from entering the drainage system.

"We were concerned that the spillage could present a danger to motorists, particularly as it had occurred near a bend in the road, and so in the interests of safety, we remained at the scene until the Highways team arrived to deal with it and dispose of the fuel container."

Firefighters left the incident at around 11.15pm.