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New Thermal Imaging Equipment

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New Thermal Imaging Equipment
A total of 35 new cameras were recently purchased by the Service following an extensive evaluation on a range of thermal imaging devices, and the first appliance at each of its fire stations is now being fitted with this updated equipment. Watch Commander Nigel Smart from HWFRS Operational Logistics department based at Malvern explained: “The Service has used thermal imaging equipment for many years now but the cameras we have been using are no longer in production and it has become increasingly difficult to source spares and repairs. We have therefore looked at procuring new equipment and have carried out a detailed evaluation across the Service area to help establish the optimum replacement.” He explained that many factors were taken into account during the evaluation process, and that feedback from operational crews (particularly breathing apparatus wearers), training centre instructors and equipment technicians was taken into account as the decision was made. This consultation process helped identify that the new camera needed to be compact and lightweight, with a colour screen and high resolution display, able to be operated easily with one hand and also mounted on to existing breathing apparatus equipment. A range of cameras was then evaluated, taking into consideration not only their practical operational use, but also the cost and the level of service provided by the supplier. WC Smart added: “This consultation process was key in deciding which new thermal imaging equipment to opt for and we are confident that our final choice, the Eagle Attack Thermal Image Camera from Scott Health and Safety, will meet the demands of the Service for many years to come. The new camera will also enhance firefighter safety, a factor central to all decisions on new equipment.”