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Big Bertha Rescued From the Mud

Big Bertha, an Austrian Draft Horse of 17 hands was rescued today by Firefighters from Upton Fire Station after she became stuck in mud.

The crew received the call to the incident at just after 9am this morning. Upon arrival at Drinkers End, Corse Lawn, Big Bertha was found to be on her left side, stuck in the mud with her head through a fence. With the aid of a local farmer’s tractor, strops* and air bags, the crew managed to free her and get her safely to her feet.

Ken Sinclair, Big Bertha's owner, said the mare was in-foal and was about two months away from giving birth. He praised the professional and efficient way that the Firefighters dealt with the emergency.

Mr Sinclair’s' vet was satisfied with her condition and said that apart from a bruised left eye she seemed to be in good order.

* strops are made out of webbing and can be wrapped around an animal at one end and a winch at the other – this assists the firefighters when trying to pull something of significant weight.