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Dishwasher fire

Crews from Kingsland and Leominster attended, and the fire in the dishwasher was quickly extinguished with two firefighters in breathing apparatus, one hose reel and one covering jet used.

The dishwasher was then moved outside and the property ventilated to clear the smoke.

Group Commander Rob Ball from HWFRS confirmed that fire damage was limited to the dishwasher itself. He said: “Realising there was a fire in their dishwasher, the occupants took exactly the right action by getting out of the house and waiting outside until fire crews arrived. They also closed internal doors behind them which helped contain the smoke.”

He said that it was fortunate that the occupants were at home when the fire started and he urged people to be aware of this incident, and to get into the habit of using their own dishwashers and other appliances when they are at home and nearby, rather than switching them on before leaving the house or going up to bed at night.

Fire crews called at other homes in the Moor Meadow area after the incident to highlight this safety advice and the importance of having a working smoke alarm on each level of your home.