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Dog Rescued

One fire engine plus the specialist water rescue boat from Worcester attended and following a search of the river bank, crews spotted the dog in the water, towards the centre of the river. Two members of the rescue team then entered the water and brought the dog back to safety.

The dog, a 13-year-old Springer Spaniel called Nellie, was suffering from the effects of the cold water. Crews borrowed towels from a nearby house and wrapped her up, and then her owners took her to the vets where she was treated for shock and put on a saline drip. She was allowed home later the same evening where she is expected to make a full recovery.

Watch Commander Dave Smith from Worcester Fire Station said: “Nellie had been in the water for about 20 minutes before we located her, and considering her age and the temperature of the water, we feel she is very lucky to have survived her ordeal. Our priority on bringing her out of the river was to get her warmed up and thankfully, following a visit to the vets and lots of attention from her owners, she’s making an excellent recovery.”

He warned dog owners to take extra care along that stretch of pathway near the river, particularly after dark.

James Partridge, the partner of the dog’s owner, praised Hereford & Worcester Fire and Service for rescuing Nellie, saying: “Nellie had been in the water for so long that we were starting to fear the worst. I was almost embarrassed to ring the Fire Service and then was amazed that they went in the water to save her like they did. I can’t thank them enough. I never realized until then what a phenomenal service they provide.”