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Heater warning

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Two fire crews from Ross-on-Wye were called at around 8.15am on Sunday 23 January following reports that a smoke alarm had activated and there was a smell of smoke coming from the address.

Firefighters forced entry into the unoccupied property and found a sheet covering the night storage heater as well as washing left drying nearby.

Crew Commander Steve James from H&WFRS said: “Fortunately we had an early alert and firefighters were able to locate the smoke source quickly and then ventilate the property.

“However this had the potential to be more serious than it was and we’d like to highlight how important it is to keep electric heaters and storage heaters uncovered, and to keep furnishings and drying washing well away from them.”

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service recommends that great care should be taken when using portable electric heaters or storage heaters in the home. Advice includes:

  • Keep heaters clear of curtains, other furnishings and furniture
  • Sit at least three feet or one metre away from the fire
  • Never cover the air grilles of storage heaters, fan heaters or convention heaters
  • Do not dry washing on or near the heaters, nor on fire guards
  • Use a fire guard with a radiant fire, particularly if you have children