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Audit Confirms Authority Manages its Finances Well

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The Authority’s Audit Committee noted the Audit Commission’s Annual Letter during its meeting today at HWFRA’s headquarters in Worcester. The Letter summarises the findings from the 2010/11 audit.

The Audit Commission examined HWFRA’s financial statements and assessed whether it is providing value for money. It concluded that the organisation has “proper arrangements in place to secure financial resilience.” It also confirmed that:

  • There is a capacity at senior level to provide strong leadership to the Authority
  • The Authority has a sound understanding of the current financial environment and undertakes robust planning for the medium and long term. Councillor Lynne Duffy, Chair of the HWFRA’s Audit Committee, said the report highlights the excellent financial planning taking place within the organisation.

“It is clear that the organisation is prioritising its resources within tighter budgets,” said Cllr Duffy. “This report highlights that cost reductions are continuing to be made whilst at the same time improving efficiency and productivity.

“The Chief Fire Officer and his team work closely with the Fire Authority to ensure we operate within a stable financial environment. I am delighted that the Audit Commission has noted that we have clear and strong leadership which has a real impact on the successful running of our fire service.”

Chief Fire Officer Mark Yates said he was delighted that the Audit Commission had confirmed that the organisation is providing good value for money.

“I firmly believe that we have a sound grasp on the current financial environment which we work within,” he said. “Our arrangements are robust so that we ensure we continue to provide good value for money and an excellent service to communities of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.”

The report can be viewed on page 15 of the Audit Committee Agenda papers.