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Roof fire, Newnham Bridge

Crews from Tenbury, Leominster and Kingsland were quick to arrive at the Tavern Lane address where they found the roof of a bungalow on fire. Ensuring that the two occupants were safely out of the property, firefighters in breathing apparatus used one hose reel and working at height gear to bring the fire under control. They also removed the wooden tiles from the roof and the chimney flue to ensure the blaze was fully extinguished.

Crew Commander Daniel James, based at Tenbury fire station, said that the fire had the potential to be more serious than it was. He explained: “The bungalow was of a wooden construction, with wood frames and wooden roof tiles, and there was also a woodburner in use.

“Thankfully crews were at the scene very quickly and fire damage was restricted to the roof area immediately next to the chimney.”

The fire is thought to have been caused by an ember from the chimney landing on the wooden roof tiles.

Firefighters also led an elderly gentleman out of the property during the incident and ensured he had the medication he needed, while volunteers from the Red Cross fire and emergency support service also attended.