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Warning following flood rescues

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Water First Responders from Leintwardine were called to reports of a woman stranded in her car in floodwater along the A438 near Willersley at 6.40pm, and the crew managed to push the vehicle out of the water to safety.

Crews from Eardisley and Leintwardine, including Water First Responders, were then called at 7.55pm to Letton, near Eardisley, where they rescued seven people from three vehicles stuck in flood water. Just after 9.20pm, Water First Responders from Leintwardine rescued an elderly woman who was trapped in her car in flood water in Kinnersley.

Station Commander Alan Haley from HWFRS’s Community Safety department said: “With ice and melting snow, heavy rain forecast and several flood warnings in place across the two counties, it’s vital that motorists stay alert and take extreme care on the roads.”

He urged people to keep an eye on their local news and weather reports, and to heed any road closure or flood warnings they come across as they are driving. He also reminded people not to attempt driving through floodwater as there could easily be potholes or open drains hidden below the water.