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Wet Weather Warning

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Station Commander Alan Haley from HWFRS said: “It’s a good idea to have a list of useful phone numbers ready in case of flooding and to keep it somewhere safe. If your home does begin to flood, turn off your electricity supply, and do not touch any sources of electricity such as switches or appliances when you are standing in flood water. Do help any elderly family members or neighbours to prepare as well.”

He urged motorists to be vigilant, too, adding: “Driving through flood water can be extremely dangerous because it is impossible to see how deep the water is or whether there are hazards under the water which could damage your car and leave you stranded. “Please do not take risks – you could be putting your car, yourself and others in danger by doing so.”

He explained that the Service regularly gets called to rescue motorists stranded in flood water at ford crossings, and so warned anyone whose normal journey includes a ford to plan ahead and choose an alternative route if possible.

“Stay alert to local weather and news reports and do take notice of any flood warnings and road closures you come across.”

For further information on road safety and keeping safe during floods see the HWFRS website.