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Fire Service issues safe camping warning

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Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service have issued a warning to campers following an incident in Leominster at the weekend.

The Fire Service were called to a field off the A49 in Leominster just after 3.30am on Saturday 18 September, after being alerted about three people in a tent who were suffering from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. It's believed that the campers, who had been taking part in a medieval battle re-enactment during the day, had taken their cast iron cauldron into the tent with them for warmth as they headed to bed.

All three were taken by ambulance to hospital where they were given oxygen therapy for the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

One fire crew from Leominster attended the incident.

Group Manager Rob Ball said: "We've chosen to highlight this issue because we know that people will still be camping at this time of year, and may be tempted to take their fire pits, braziers etc inside the tent with them for extra warmth as the temperatures dip sharply at night.

"We would advise that campers think twice before doing this, not only because these fuel burning appliances present a fire hazard, but also because they give off poisonous carbon monoxide gases which in a confined space, like a zipped-up tent, could have serious or even fatal consequences."