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Iron Causes House Fire

Firefighters were called to the property at just before 7.30am after neighbours raised the alarm. The family who lived at the property left for their holidays on Sunday afternoon and had left the iron switched on. As a result a fire developed and took hold of a first floor bedroom – causing severe damage.

Three fire engines from Worcester Fire Station attended the incident and four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the property and put the fire out.

"This fire took hold slowly over a number of hours and unfortunately by the time the alarm was raised it had caused extensive damage to the house," said Station Commander Adrian Moore. "The family have now returned from their holiday and are dealing with the aftermath of the fire.

"We'd like to remind people to allow extra time when leaving the house, particularly when going on holiday, to do a 'final shutdown' of the property. Turn off appliances and close all of the doors behind you."