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Barn fire

Two fire engines from Kidderminster attended along with a water carrier from Leominster, and firefighters in breathing apparatus tackled the fire with two hose reels and one main jet used. The fire involved around 60 bales of straw and a straw shredding machine inside a four-bay Dutch barn.

Crew Commander Dave Pearsall from HWFRS explained: “The farmer’s digger was used to pull the straw from the barn so that we could damp it down and ensure the fire was fully extinguished.”

He confirmed that most of the straw was destroyed as a result of the fire and that one side of the barn and its roof, and the shredding machine, were severely damaged in the fire.

The stop message was given at 4.40pm and a further re-inspection was carried out later the same evening.

CC Pearsall said that the fire was believed to have been caused by an ember from a nearby bonfire, and he warned anyone lighting a bonfire to be extremely vigilant.

He warned people to light garden fires well away from trees, fences or other objects that might catch alight, and to be aware that breezy conditions can present an extra hazard.