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Flood incidents

Most of the incidents were in Herefordshire and involved either motorists stranded in their vehicles in flood water or residents with flood water in their properties.

Broadbridge near Bromyard was particularly badly affected and crews were called to three separate incidents in Broadbridge where vehicles had become stranded in flood water, one of which involved some horses in a horse box.

Rescue boats from Hereford and Worcester and Water First Responders from Tenbury were also called to Aulden just after 7.45am where they rescued the driver and passenger from a van stranded in flood water.

Station Commander Alan Haley from HWFRS said: “There’s a great deal of water on some of the roads across the two counties and we’d urge motorists to be extra vigilant while the current conditions continue. “

He encouraged people to take note of local weather reports and flood warnings, and to heed any advice affecting the routes they use.

He also urged motorists not to drive through fords if the water level seems higher than usual.