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Horse rescued from river

One fire appliance and the water rescue vehicle from Evesham attended the incident where the crews found a horse stuck up to its shoulders in deep mud at the edge of the river. With the RSPCA in attendance, they used lines and strops to pull the horse from the mud to firmer ground. The horse was then checked by a vet at the scene, and although suffering from fatigue and the effects of the cold water, it was otherwise uninjured.

Praising the fishermen who called the emergency services, Station Commander Dave Holland from H&WFRS said: "We believe that the horse had been in the water for some time before we were alerted and as a result she was very tired and cold and had little energy left to help herself. With only her head and shoulders visible above the water we attached a rescue line and strops and managed to release her from the mud. She then managed to move along the river bank to shallower water but she became stuck a second time and we had to repeat the process.

"She was finally brought to safety just after 9pm, and is expected to make a full recovery from her ordeal, much to the relief of her owner."