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Woman Rescued From Well

The local fire crew from Redditch was promptly on location; assessed the situation and secured the scene in readiness for the specialist Urban Search and Rescue Crew from Droitwich and Line Rescue Team from Malvern to arrive. The woman had been carrying out maintenance works down the well when she fell off the ladder into the water and was unable to regain her position on the ladder. 

During the rescue crews used gas monitoring equipment to constantly check air quality at the foot of the well where the lady was trapped - approximately 25 feet down, and used a portable ventilation fan to improve the air quality for the woman.

Once in place, fire and rescue crews worked carefully and in close liaison with paramedics to ensure that a safe rescue was carried out. At around 5:10pm this afternoon, the woman was winched from the well by the line rescue team from Malvern and handed over to ambulance personnel for assessment and treatment for the effects of exposure to cold water.