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Horse Rescue Marstow

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) was alerted to the incident just after 6pm and two crews from Ross-on-Wye attended, arriving to find that a 24-year-old Welsh Cob called Cora had fallen down a very steep hillside, landing upside down in thick gorse.

Station Commander Neil Pigott from HWFRS said: “The gorse prevented the horse falling any further but it landed on its back and was unable to get to its feet unassisted.”

e explained how firefighters worked tirelessly to dig a level platform and steps next to the horse so that they could attach straps and ropes to pull the animal upright.

He added: “With guidance throughout from a veterinary surgeon and the horse’s owners keeping it calm and offering comfort, our crews worked patiently for nearly two hours in some very steep, muddy and slippy conditions to bring about the safe rescue of the horse.”

He described the rescue as “a true community effort”, and passed on his thanks to neighbours who supplied cups of tea to all those involved!