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Fryer Fire at McDonalds

Two crews from Malvern fire station attended, arriving to find that staff at the restaurant had safely evacuated themselves and their customers. Four firefighters in breathing apparatus then tackled a fire involving frying machinery using two hose reels and one dry powder extinguisher. They also dismantled the fryer involved to ensure the fire was fully extinguished, and cleared the smoke from the premises. Fire damage was limited to the fryer where the fire broke out and there was a small amount of smoke damage in the kitchen area. No one was injured during the incident. Station Commander Toby Kempton from HWFRS praised the crews for their initial firefighting efforts, saying this was what the Fire Service calls a “good stop”. He explained: “The crews were quick to knock back the fire and this undoubtedly prevented further spread to the frying range. As it was, damage was fairly minimal but it could have been a very different picture without this rapid intervention.” SC Kempton also praised staff at the restaurant for their swift and thorough evacuation procedures.