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Hospital fire safety

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In light of the major fire at Grenfell Tower in London, Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) has been reissuing safety advice to the residents of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

During this weekend (24-25 June) the Department of Health issued a request to Hospital Trust Chief Executives requesting confirmation of fire safety arrangements in their buildings.

Jane Ives, Wye Valley NHS Trust's Managing Director said: "The safety of patients is Wye Valley NHS Trust's priority and we continue to work closely with colleagues in the Fire service to ensure our buildings are safe and fit for purpose."

She continued: "In light of the heightened concern over the risk of fire, we have shared plans and material specifications for the hospital with the Fire service and are in the process of reminding staff that they should remain vigilant and fully conversant with all aspects of fire safety as laid down in the Trust's fire safety policy."

Assistant Chief Fire Officer John Hodges said: "We have proactively engaged with NHS representatives over the weekend within Herefordshire and Worcestershire hospitals. This continues a longstanding positive relationship that fire safety officers have with our local facilities."

John continued to explain: "We regularly meet and audit these public facilities, ensuring that means of escapes, testing of detection and alarm systems, and fire safety management is maintained. We will continue to engage with the health service to provide as much support and advice as possible to ensure fire safety standards are upheld at all times."

If you require further advice on fire safety or would like to call the Community Risk Department please call 0800 032 1155.

More information on fire safety can also be found at www.hwfire.org.uk