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House fire in Talbot Road, Bromsgrove

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (H&WFRS) was alerted to the incident just after 12.30am and two fire appliances from Bromsgrove and one from Droitwich were dispatched to the scene.

Firefighters used water from a fire bucket to extinguish a fire in the hallway of the two-storey house and then escorted a woman and her two children, who had taken refuge in an upstairs bedroom, to safety. They were taken by ambulance to hospital for precautionary checks for the effects of smoke inhalation and shock.

Fire investigators are working with the police to establish how the fire started.

Station Commander Steve Fox from H&WFRS explained: "Thankfully there was a working smoke alarm fitted in the house which activated and alerted the occupants. They called the fire service, and then followed the safety advice they were given by staff at H&WFRS's Fire Control. This involved staying together in an upstairs room, shutting the door and sealing any gaps to prevent smoke getting in while they waited for firefighters to arrive and put out the fire."

The family was then led to safety within minutes of fire crews arriving.

Station Commander Fox praised the family for staying calm and following the advice they were given. He said that the incident could have had far more serious consequences if the house had not been fitted with a smoke alarm, and he urged everyone to check their own alarms are in working order.