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Show-jumping horse rescued from pool

The horse's owner had called the Fire Service after finding her horse in the water, with no way of getting out of the steep-sided pool by itself. 

Rescue crews from Droitwich and Bromsgrove were sent to the address along with the Water First Responder team from Kidderminster, and on arrival, they found the horse in around a metre and a half of water in the outdoor swimming pool. Crews pumped out an estimated 25,000 litres of water from the disused pool into a nearby field to reduce the water level, and then Water First Responders went into the water where they carefully positioned bales of straw to create makeshift steps so that the horse could be led out of the pool to safety.

Watch Commander Craig Newman from H&WFRS explained: "The horse, a fully grown gelding called Louis, is a showjumper and while it's hard to say exactly how the horse came to be in the pool, it had obviously been there for some time and was starting to shiver from the effects of the cold water. While we quickly set to work pumping out the water, the owner was offering the horse reassurance, and we soon had the animal safely out of the swimming pool and back in its usual field, seemingly unharmed by its ordeal."

He confirmed that the horse was out of the pool by 12.55pm and that it was taken back to its field in a trailer once it had been checked by the RSPCA, who also attended the incident.