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Well done to residents who swept their chimneys!

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Station Commander Grant Wills from HWFRS said: "In recent years we have noticed a steady increase in the numbers of chimney and woodburner fires across the Service area. So, this year HWFRS mounted a high-profile campaign to inform residents and businesses about chimney fire safety.

"Soot and smoke from the smallest of chimney fires can cause extensive damage to personal property while larger fires can damage the roof, or even destroy a home / business completely.

"It is good that so many people have heeded the important message of maintaining chimneys and woodburners correctly. I would urge anyone who uses a chimney or woodburner in their home or business to ensure that chimneys are swept on a regular basis by a qualified chimney sweep."

He also reminded all householders to ensure they have smoke alarms installed in their homes and to test them on a weekly basis.