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Three treated following chemical incident

Two fire engines from Kidderminster attended along with a Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) Officer, the Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) from Stourport and the Incident Support Unit (ISU) from Droitwich.

On arrival, crews found that there had been a spillage from a drum containing chemicals and that three people at the premises had come into contact with the chemicals.

With the assistance of the police, fire officers set up a cordon at the site and then firefighters in breathing apparatus and gas-tight suits dealt with the chemical spill, making the drum safe ready for collection and disposal by a specialist company.

They also helped to decontaminate the three people who had been splashed by the chemicals. All three, believed to be suffering from breathing difficulties, were treated by ambulance staff at the scene before being taken by ambulance to hospital.

Firefighters themselves and the kit they used were then decontaminated using specialist decontamination equipment.

Station Commander Chris White from H&WFRS said: "We take every precaution during an incident of this nature but thankfully the three employees who were splashed by the chemicals are not thought to have been too seriously affected and we were able to make the drum safe ready for its removal from the premises."

The chemical spill, believed to have involved Styrene Monomer mixed with Butanox, is thought to have been caused by the liquids reacting inside the drum.

The stop message was given at 1.25pm with fire crews leaving the scene once decontamination was complete.