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Use Candles With Care

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Caroline Webster, Community Safety Advisor with H&WFRS, explained: "There's a whole range of candles on offer in the shops at this time of the year – all shapes and sizes, from tea lights to scented candles, and even advent candles designed to be lit daily to count down the days until Christmas.

"Whether you are using candles to add a warm seasonal look to a room, as part of your table decorations when entertaining or to fragrance your home, always use them with care to avoid any risk of a fire."

She reminded people to ensure their candles are placed in suitable holders, that they are never placed near flammable materials like curtains or table napkins, and that candles are never left burning unattended. Be especially vigilant if you have young children and always double check that candles are properly extinguished before leaving a room or going to bed at night.

She added: "This is common-sense advice but we hope people will bear it in mind if using candles in their home this Christmas."

She also reminded householders that a torch is always a safer option than a candle in the event of a power cut, particularly a head torch which leaves your hands free.

She said: "We'd recommend that everyone keeps a head torch to hand in case of a power cut – these are widely available in many High Street and DIY stores, and would make a great Christmas present for anyone who doesn't already have one!"