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Request an incident report

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An incident report is completed after the Service attends an incident, including fires, Special Service calls and false alarms. The report provides details on the incident, resources used, action taken by the Service and, where appropriate, damage specifics and information on the cause.

Where a more serious incident occurs or where the cause cannot immediately be established, a Fire Investigation is conducted and if required a Fire Investigation Report is completed.

How to request an incident report

If you require a copy of an Incident Report, please write to:

Performance & Information Department
Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
Hindlip Park

Or submit your request by e-mail to IR@hwfire.org.uk

Incident Report Costs

There is no charge for either an Incident Report or a Fire Investigation Report, however this information will only be provided to the Courts, Police, Coroner's Office, other Fire Services, Ambulance Service, Highways Agency, Environment Agency, Home Owners / Occupiers, Insurance companies, Forensic investigators and Individuals affected by / involved in the Incident.

Major Incidents

Major Incidents are defined by the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme as "An event or situation requiring a response under one or more of the emergency services' major incident plans". A major incident may be declared by a single blue light service or jointly.

Fire Service Major Incidents Reports will be published on the Service's website after any necessary incident investigation has been completed.

Advice and Assistance

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the Performance & Information Department on Tel: 01905 368 310 or by email to IR@hwfire.org.uk