Request an Incident Report

An Incident Report is completed after the Service attends an incident, including fires, special service calls and false alarms. The report provides details on the incident, resources used, action taken by the Service and, where appropriate, damage specifics and information on the cause.

Where a more serious incident occurs or where the cause cannot immediately be established, a fire investigation is conducted and, if required, a Fire Investigation Report is completed.

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How to Request an Incident Report

If you require a copy of an Incident Report, please submit your request to:


Or write to us at:

Information Governance
Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
Hindlip Park

Incident Report Costs

There is no charge for either an Incident Report or a Fire Investigation Report.

Requests for interviews or statements with Fire Officers who attend operational incidents will not normally be granted. Details held relating to incidents are contained within the standard Incident Report. Interviews are only considered where a significant fire investigation (Level 2) has been undertaken and additional context is needed to interpret the investigation report.

Please Note

The information on the Incident Report is primarily collated for statistical purposes. Details of the cause of fire are based on the Incident Commander’s initial impressions and selected from a limited range of options available which may or may not cover the exact circumstances of each case. Information in the report is not based on a detailed fire investigation and should not be relied upon as evidence as to the cause of the fire.