Your Impact

Andy Stone, Head of Year 10 Chantry School

Your Impact is a free multi-agency road safety scheme aimed at reducing death and serious injury amongst young road users in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The scheme is aimed at Year 10 students who are road users, as car passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and may soon become young drivers.

The focus is to provide students with the education, tools and confidence to make the right choices using the road to first become better passengers. This will lead them onto having the confidence to recognise and challenge the behaviours of those making potentially dangerous decisions. Whether that be in control of a vehicle, passenger or other aspects of using the road. This will in turn lead them on to become better young drivers.

Your Impact involves a realistic road traffic collision (RTC) reconstruction delivered through the latest Virtual Reality technology followed by powerful interactive workshops.

The Your Impact team will come to your school bringing all equipment prepared to deliver the workshops with a just a few requirements that are detailed and discussed during the booking process. Typically the whole event takes around 2 hours and delivered in AM or/and PM sessions to a maximum of 120 students per session.

The students will take part in four workshops and see the consequences of making choices when driving or being a passenger. They will learn about the importance of seatbelts, speed limits, impairments and distractions. They will hear how each one has an impact on a collision and importantly, how they can easily avoid them as a driver in the future or a passenger right now. They will also take part in an Active Travel workshop which details how to be safe when being a cyclist, E Scooter and a pedestrian around the road.

The Flagship workshop is a powerful reenactment of a road traffic collision (RTC) through the latest Virtual Reality Technology, putting them into the front seat of a vehicle experiencing everything from the drive to a full extrication involving all emergency services.

During the workshops students will also watch videos hearing from bereaved parents, friends and family members of those who have tragically lost their lives on the road. Some of them through making the wrong choices that not only cost their lives, but left behind a ripple effect which forever widens.

Throughout all of the workshops they will see how the positive choices you make, as a passenger, road user and future driver, can keep themselves and others safer on the roads.

Heidi Jarosinski, Holy Trinity School

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