StayWise Safety Resources for Children & Young People

Visit the StayWise website.

Staywise is a free learning platform for pupils aged 3 – 18 years to help them learn about safety, and is fantastic resource for everyone to use. Offering teachers and parents a consistent and effective educational materials to help young people learn about a range of safety topics. 

The aim of the resource is to save lives through education. Staywise brings together the educational resources of the emergency services linked to the national curriculum. That means pupils can learn about fire safety as part of a maths or science lesson, or write an escape plan instruction and how to keep safe as part of an English lesson.

The site offers free lesson plans, videos, and activity sheets to help educators teach young people about potentially lifesaving advice within core curriculum subjects and there are plenty of useful resources available to support children with learning and keep them engaged. 

The Stay Wise website is easy to use – just select an age group, subject, or theme, and you will find a collection of useful educational resources. Get started now by visiting the pages below or the StayWise website