Rope Rescue Vehicle

Primarily a Rope Rescue vehicle carrying more than 400 pieces of Rescue Equipment, including an Arizona Vortex tripod, a 30m pole winch, a Larkin Rescue Frame and Advanced Trauma care equipment. Other lifesaving equipment also includes rescue stretchers, vacuum mattresses and splints, a de-fib unit, airway management and pulse ox(sp02) kit. The vehicle also carries Water First Responder equipment including an inflatable pathway, wading poles, and water personal protective equipment (PPE), dry suits etc.

It can carry a crew of 5. When combined with the 130 Landrover and Argocat, also at Malvern, they can achieve many specialist tasks such as gaining difficult access, casualty care and transportation.

Engine Information

Mercedes Diesel 3.0L, 184hp, 5 speed automatic, Hi/lo range
Sprinter van.