Urban Search and Rescue

Provided by the Government as part of a national strategy, the Service has two High Volume Pumping Units located at Wyre Forest Fire Station. They are transported by MAN Prime Movers. The Pods hold 3km of 150mm hose and a Volvo Penta diesel-powered Hydro Sub pumping unit. This has the capability to pump 7,000 litres of water a minute, enough to support three fire appliances working to capacity. Its primary use is to supply water in support of firefighting operations, but it is also used in flood relief. It carries a crew of two and always travels with a supporting appliance.

MAN Prime Movers use a hiab hook arm, multi-lift system and are capable of loading a variety of specialist pods for use at incidents. These pods can carry shoring equipment for collapsed structures; cutting gear; search and rescue equipment; a small-but-powerful Bobcat general purpose, off-road vehicle or High Volume Pump Modules.

Urban Search and Rescue Modules have a variety of modules available to deal with different types of incidents, these are:

Module 1

Scene assessment and building triage
Power generation and lighting
Technical search
Paratech metal shoring
Breeching and breaking
Timber cutting
Gas monitors
Safe working at height

Module 2

Line access
Stretchers and casualty care
Confined space working
Hot cutting
Lifting and moving airbags
Access tower

Module 3

Breeching and breaking
Fast cut saws
Nailing equipment

Module 4

Multi purpose vehicle
Portable shelter

Module 5

Timber for shoring
Stillages containing nails, wedges and shims

Live-scent search dog with handler transported via bespoke dog van

Engine Information

8.54 metres
2.50 metres
Load Weight
26 tonnes
MAN 6-cylinder diesel, 363 BHP