Electric Blankets

If your blanket or any part of the wiring shows any of these danger signs, have it checked or replaced:- 

  • Fraying fabric 
  • Scorch marks 
  • Exposed elements 
  • Creasing or folding 
  • Soiling 
  • Damp patches 
  • Tie tapes damaged or missing 
  • Worn flex 
  • Loose connections. 

If you are in any doubt about the condition of your blanket, bin it and buy a new one.  

  • Replace your electric blanket at least every 10 years. 
  • Test your electric blanket every two years  
  • Don’t buy a second hand blanket 
  • Look for the British or European standard and make sure it has a safety certification mark.  
  • Make sure the blanket has an overheat protection. 

Use your electric blanket safely 

  • Always follow the instructions 
  • Never use an electric underblanket as an electric overblanket, and vice versa 
  • Visually check for wear and damage before fitting to a bed. 
  • Tie electric underblankets to the bed or mattress – this stops them slipping and creasing, which could damage them 
  • Only leave a blanket switched on all night if it has thermostatic controls for safe all-night use. Otherwise switch it off and disconnect it before you get into bed 
  • Don’t get blankets wet, and if your blanket does get wet, don’t use it. Never switch it on to dry it. 
  • Store blankets in a dry place, leaving flat or rolled loosely to avoid damage to the wires. Do not store beneath other items. 
  • Never consume liquids or use hot water bottles in a bed fitted with an electric blanket.