Station Commander

Neil Lilwall

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Valley View Road Peterchurch Herefordshire HR2 0RU

West District Headquarters

01432 347 049

Service Headquarters

0345 122 4454

Neil Lilwall

Neil Lilwall

Station Commander

"Peterchurch Fire Station is set in the beautiful Golden Valley and covers an area of approximately 60 square miles. Peterchurch is predominantly rural with large areas of farm land and scattered residential communities across Peterchurch, Dorstone and Cusop. Peterchurch Fire Station is at the heart of its rural vibrant community, firefighters can often be seen supporting local community with planting flowerbeds and other community focused events as well as working closely with West Mercia Police who also operate from the building."

Other Station Information

Peterchurch Fire Station is situated within the Golden Valley and covers an area of approximately 60 square miles, which is predominately rural with large areas of farmland. Some of the population resides within the main villages of Peterchurch, Dorstone and Cusop, whereas the majority of residents live in smaller villages and scattered communities throughout the area.

Peterchurch Fire Station is an on-call fire station, so it is staffed solely by on-call firefighters, who respond to emergency calls whenever they are needed. As well as housing firefighters, police officers also operate from the station.

The station has a MAN fire engine which is a first-line attack engine, carrying a crew of up to six firefighters along with firefighting and rescue equipment.

Furthermore, the Service has one of its key strategic training facilities based at Peterchurch Fire Station, which allow operational crews from both counties to train in ‘real fire’ conditions.

On-call drill nights are held at the Fire Station every Monday commencing at 7:00pm.

Planned training will be taking place at the Peterchurch Training Facility on the dates and times listed below.

Please note that ad-hoc training by local crews may take place in addition to these listed dates but will predominantly be on a much smaller scale and have minimal impact.

MAY 2024

Date Start Time End time Site
02/05/2024 19:00 21:00 Whole Site
06/05/2024 18:30 21:30 Whole Site
13/05/2024 18:30 21:30 Whole Site
14/05/2024 17:00 18:00 Fire House & Yard
15/05/2024 9:00 13:00 Fire House & Yard
15/05/2024 17:00 21:00 Yard & RTC
20/05/2024 18:30 21:30 Whole Site
21/05/2024 17:30 19:00 Fire House & Yard
23/05/2024 9:00 17:00 Fire House & Yard
25/05/2024 08:00 15:00 Whole Site
27/05/2024 18:30 21:30 Whole Site

Station risk profile

A station risk profile is a review of potential life risks in each of the Fire and Rescue Service’s fire station areas.