High Rise Homes, Flats and Apartments

High Rise Homes , Flats and Apartments
  • Every building is different and your housing association/building management team will be able to give you specific fire safety advice in relation to how and when to evacuate your flat. 
  • Make sure you’ve got a smoke alarm. Test it regularly – if the alarm doesn’t work, contact your Housing Association/Building Management to get it repaired.  
  • Make an escape plan for your flat. If there was a fir, how would you get out during the day and at night? 
  • No combustible materials or items of furniture should be stored in common areas such as stairways or corridors. By keeping these areas clear it will protect escape routes and reduce the risks of deliberate fires. 
  • Never tamper with internal fire mains (dry riser) inlets on landings – these provide water to firefighters when there’s an emergency. It could cost lives if they’re not working properly when here’s a fire. If you see a dry riser vandalised or damaged, report it immediately to your Housing Association/Building Management.   
  • Emergency vehicle parking areas should be kept clear to allow firefighters access to fire hydrants and the building quickly in the event of fire. 
  • If there is a fire in your flat alert all the people in your flat and leave, closing doors behind you 
  • Follow the evacuation plan for your building 
  • Always use stairs, not the lift and call 999 as soon as you are in a safe place 
  • If your planned escape route is too dangerous because stairs and hallways are full of smoke, call 999 and stay in the safest room – keep doors closed and use towels or bedding to block the smoke at the bottom of the door 
  • If there is a fire in another part of the building, you should observe and follow the advice in the building evacuation plan 
  • If there is a fire, never assume that someone else has called 999 – make the call yourself  

We will complete home fire safety visits for anybody living in high rise buildings to give advice and complete home fire safety checks. 

To arrange a visit please use this link 

Fire Safety in Shared or Rented Accommodation