Escape Planning

Escape Planning
  • Plan an easy escape route: always make sure hallways, stairs etc. are not blocked with clutter
  • Plan an alternative route in case your first choice is blocked by fire: make sure everyone in your house knows the plans
  • Practise your escape routes and turn it into a game with all the family involved
  • Have a designated place to keep door keys on your exit route; the keys must always be kept here so that everyone could access them in a fire
  • In case you can’t get out of your home, think of a safe room to go to then block any gaps in the door with clothing etc. and open the window for fresh air; if you do not have a mobile phone shout FIRE! until you are rescued
  • If your clothes catch fire, remember: Stop, Drop and Roll – this will help put the flames out; cover your face with your hands to protect it from the flames