Station Commander

Edd Rodgers

Station Type



New Road Bromyard Herefordshire HR7 4AJ

West District Headquarters

01432 347 049

Service Headquarters

0345 122 4454

Ed Rogers

Edd Rodgers

Station Commander

"Bromyard Fire Station is located centrally within the HWFRS service area. The station provides operational cover to the diverse risk areas of Bromyard town, including agricultural, industrial and domestic premises as well as the local road network. The rural surroundings of the town include the River Frome and a large number of agricultural properties."

Other Station Information

Bromyard is a historical market town, situated centrally within the Service area. Bromyard Fire Station provides cover to the urban and commercial areas of Bromyard town, in addition to the surrounding rural areas of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. The rural surroundings of the town include rivers and a large number of agricultural premises.

Bromyard Fire Station is an on-call fire station so is staffed solely by on-call firefighters, who provide emergency cover from either their home address or their normal place of work, whenever they are needed.

The station has two Scania fire engines, which are first-line attack engines that can carry a crew of up to six firefighters, along with firefighting and rescue equipment.

Bromyard Fire Station is also home to one of the specialist animal rescue teams within the Service, who have undergone advanced training in animal rescue techniques and carry specialist rescue equipment. In addition to this, the crew are also trained water first responders.

On-call drill nights are held at the Fire Station every Thursday commencing at 6:15pm.

Station risk profile

A station risk profile is a review of potential life risks in each of the Fire and Rescue Service’s fire station areas.