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How to supply goods and services

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service spend about £7 million each year on the procurement of goods, services and works from a diverse range of suppliers. It is our public duty to ensure this money is spent in the most effective way whilst delivering value for money and complying with our statutory duty. As a public sector organisation the way in which we procure is governed by both internal regulations and national and European legislation. The following are available to download for further information on how procurement activities are managed within the Service:

Contract opportunities

Any supplier interested in pursuing business opportunities with the Service should visit https://bluelight.eu-supply.co... where they can register free of charge against contract categories that align with their business. When a contract opportunity arises within a category they have indicated, they will receive an alert and can then decide whether or not they wish to register an expression of interest against that specific opportunity and enter into the procurement process. Use of the Bluelight Portal is free of charge to suppliers and user guides are available in the Suppliers Area section. Registration also enables access to opportunities advertised by other participating Member Authorities within the Emergency Service Sector.

Existing contracts

The Service already has existing contracts in place. In accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act details of the contract, title, start and end date is accessible through a contracts database www.blpd.gov.uk. The Bluelight Procurement Database (BLPD) enables a search facility on current contracts that have been awarded www.blpd.gov.uk/foi/foi.aspx. The site also enables searches for other contracts let by participating Member Authorities within the Emergency Service Sector.

The contract register

Our contract register shows all known contracts let by the Authority, and where available, the estimated contract value. Where this is not known, this is because the contract is old and was let before this information was collected. As contracts are refreshed, this data will be published on the website. Any contracts which are commercially sensitive do not have their value published in the register.

It is not believed that the Authority has any contracts with voluntary or community groups.

If a contractor is known to be a 'small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)' this information is shown in the contract register.

Procurement thresholds

The Authority specifies the procurement thresholds which apply to the supply of goods, services and works from external sources (figures inclusive of VAT)


Procurement Route


Transactional Procurement

  • Minimum of one written quotation required


Transactional Procurement

  • Minimum of three written quotations required
  • OR tender via Bluelight e-Tendering Portal.


Low £ value

  • Minimum of three written quotations required
  • Publish on the Governments Contracts Finder
  • OR tender via Bluelight and advertise on contracts finder


Medium £ value

  • Minimum of three tenders and written contract required
  • Advertise on the Governments Contracts Finder
  • Advertised on Bluelight e-Tendering Portal

Over £213,447

High £ value

  • Full tendering process, which depending on total £ value may include publication of notice via the via the UK e-notification service
  • Advertised on the Governments Contracts Finder

Procurement information for suppliers

When appropriate, the Authority undertakes joint procurement with other Fire and Rescue Authorities. The Authority also makes use of framework agreements and contracts awarded by other bodies on behalf of public sector authorities e.g. Crown Commercial Service

For procurement outside of these arrangements, goods and services are purchased either via an advertised competitive tender process or for less expensive purchases on the basis of competitive quotations from suppliers and contractors.

Procurement data

The Home Office intends to support Fire and Rescue Authorities' deliver efficient savings through increased transparency and collaboration on procurement at a local level. With this in mind, each fire service in the UK has taken part in a survey which captures expenditure across uniform, equipment and vehicles, the list is also known as the 'basket of goods' The information captured includes the unit price, volume, date and details of any current collaborative approach to procurement and purchases.

This information will help inform the publication of single-authority tables, which will allow for comparison between authorities to help identify opportunities for efficiency savings through more collaborative approaches to procurement.

Please find the response from HWFRS here.

Supporting evidence for procurement

PPE Trial Evaluation

Replacement Vehicle Review

Rescue Tools

Officers Cars Review

Command Support Units

Fire Engines (Rescue Pumps)

Light to Medium Commercial Vans

Medium Sized Estate Cars

Smoke Alarms

Safe and Well Equipment

Gas Detection Monitors

Service, Maintenance and Repair of Fixed Air Compressors

Operational Lighting


Firefighter Pension Administration and Pensioner Payroll

Technical Consultancy and Project Management Service

Unified Communications

Wide Area Network

Air Bags

Server Hardware for Hindlip

Un-manned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)

Mobile Data Terminals (MDT)

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Fire Ground Radios

Integrated Communications Control System


End of Life Vehicles for RTC Training

Rescue Tools (Ultra Heavy)

Fuel Cards

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Mobile Phones

Command Software

Bunkered Fuel

Geographical Information Software 

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Hereford & Worcester FRS procurement matters please contact: procurement@hwfire.org.uk

Useful information

Supplier payments over £250

Transparency information

Officer decisions