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Jon Pryce

Jon Pryce

Head of Operations Support

What does your job involve?

As Head of Operations Support, I am responsible for Operational Policy, Health and Safety, Fleet, Equipment & Stores, and Training.

When did you start working for the Service?

I started my career in the fire service in 1992 with Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service. In 1997, I moved over to London Fire Brigade and served as a Station Commander, working both operationally and in technical fire safety, before moving to HWFRS in 2001. After serving as a Training Instructor, I worked in various other roles within the Service before taking up the position of Head of Operations.

Why do you like working for HWFRS?

HWFRS is a dynamic, efficient organisation that gets things done and I get a lot of job satisfaction from that. It's also fantastic to be part of such a positive workforce that are committed to making the area a safer place to live.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Outside of work, I love spending quality time with my family and playing golf. I'm also huge lover of the outdoors and thoroughly enjoy living in the beautiful county of Herefordshire.