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Fire safety is your responsibility

If you are a business owner, employer or owner of a business premises, you need to be aware of your legal obligations in preventing fire to protect your business, your employees, your property, the general public and firefighters who might attend an incident.

Our business safety section has all the information and links to other resources you need to make sure you are taking the right precautions, while our Business Safety team are there to advise companies, ensure they are abiding by the law and hold to account those who do not.

The primary legislation regarding fire safety is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and all businesses need to be aware of their responsibilities as detailed in the Order.

Please use the resources below as well as the addition pages linked to in the left-hand sidebar menu to keep yourself informed.

General fire safety advice

For more information on fire safety for businesses contact the Fire Safety department at Service Headquarters in Worcester tel: 0800 032 1155

To find out more about preparing your business for emergencies, please visit West Mercia Prepared.

Click here for National Fire Chiefs Council - COVID-19 Advice to Businesses.

Information on fire safety for businesses

Here are number of resources – on our website as well as those of our partner agencies – that will be useful for keeping your business or premises safe:

Responsibilities for business fire safety

Under fire safety legislation, a business's fire safety requirements will be identified and detailed by a Fire Safety Inspecting Officer (FSO) to ensure its safety from fire. The FSO transfers this responsibility to the premises owner, occupier or employer via the requirement to carry out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment.

The role of Hereford and Worcester Fire Authority is to provide advice, guidance and to enforce the FSO.

In addition to enforcing the primary fire safety legislation, the Authority advises other regulatory bodies responsible for legislation containing fire safety requirements, often as part of an approval, consultation or licensing process.

The Business Safety team

Ensuring fire safety for businesses is just one role fulfilled by our Business Safety team. They also:

  • Advise on policy development of the Fire Authority's legislative fire safety activities
  • Co-ordinate the Authority's enforcement activities to effectively service our legislative responsibilities for fire safety enforcement
  • Manage and maintain a risk-based inspection programme of all non-domestic premises within the counties
  • Provide free fire safety advice to businesses and the public
  • Provide technical support for operational personnel who also undertake fire safety activities
  • Consult with the Local Authority Building Regulations departments within the county, together with approved Inspectors, for planning and building applications
  • Liaise with and support other agencies involved in the provision of fire safety in non-domestic premises, such as Crown Property Inspectorate, HSE, Licensing Authorities, Commission for Social Care Inspection, etc.

Reduction of false alarm calls

False alarms are an ongoing problem for the Fire Service: not simply a nuisance, they are a substantial drain on resources and detract from more productive work such as training and fire prevention. They also impact on the availability of crews for real emergency calls.

Businesses are the source of many false alarms, generally caused by unwanted alerts from fire alarms due to mechanical and electrical defects, or false activation by non-fire causes such as cigarette smoke.

Owners and employers in the two counties have a responsibility to ensure their alarm systems do not cause false alarms.

Our Business Safety team ensures that fire precautions in non-domestic premises are suitable and well maintained, keeping both fires and false alarms to a minimum.

In the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004, and the National Framework document, the Government stipulated that fire and rescue services must prioritise their activities to give greater focus to fire prevention and address the problem of false alarms.

Operational risk information

Having access to information relating to high-risk sites within our Service area is essential to securing the safety of firefighters, controlling risk and providing an efficient response at operational incidents. If you feel Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service would benefit from holding information about your business contact the Intel Department info@hwfire.org.uk