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Home Fire Safety Visit

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Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service provide fire safety advice to everyone. A Home Fire Safety Visit (HFSV) can be carried out for the more vulnerable such as the elderly, people living alone and those with reduced mobility.

What is a Home Fire Safety Visit?

A Home Fire Safety Visit is a FREE home safety visit that is tailored to an individual's needs.

The visit includes a home safety check to help reduce the risk of fire in the home, including the checking and fitting of smoke alarms where required. This includes alarms suitable for those with a hearing impairment and giving advice on a fire escape plan.

A Home Fire Safety Visit maximises the opportunity to help individuals stay safe and independent and includes advice on the following:

  • Home Fire Detection
  • Fire safety in the home
  • Fire and heaters
  • Clutter and hoarding
  • Smoking-related fires
  • Medicines and medical devices
  • Electrical safety

How can I arrange a Visit?

Complete your FREE online Home Fire Safety Check now by following the link.

For further information about a FREE Home Fire Safety Visit call us on 0800 032 1155.