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Our Performance

On average the Service receives around 10,000 emergency calls and approximately 6,600 incidents a year. We respond to a wide variety of incidents, including property and countryside fires, road traffic collisions, collapsed structures, water rescues, hazardous materials and animal rescues.

When assessing overall performance, the Service uses 'Key Performance Indicators' which are reported to the Authority's Policy and Resources Committee every quarter – these reports can be found on the Service's website in the P&R Committee section. The indicators are measured using tolerance levels to test whether the figures are higher or lower than the cumulative levels expected for Quarters 1 to 4 of the financial year.

You can also read more about our performance in our newsletters. To find out more, click here.

External assessments

The national performance framework has shifted following the abolition of the Audit Commission and Comprehensive Area Assessments onto an emphasis on local Service Led Improvement. All public authorities, including the Fire and Rescue Authority, currently face a number of significant challenges. Budgets are tighter than ever before and as we need to prepare for further pressures in the coming years, scrutiny and audit of our performance is more robust than ever. The requirement to maintain a strong performing authority in this challenging environment puts significant pressures on staff and the Service.

The Fire and Rescue National Framework for England, published by the Government in 2012, sets out what is expected of fire and rescue authorities in making their communities safer and this includes the requirement for the development of a public document which shows an understanding of local fire and rescue risks for the community and makes provision for prevention and protection activities to minimise these risks.

Community Risk Management Plan 2014-2020 (CRMP)

The The Community Risk Management Plan 2014 - 2020 is our strategic plan that looks ahead to 2020 and sets out the broad areas that the Service will be involved in in the coming years. It reviews how risks are changing over time, including fire and rescue risks and financial risks and resources, and plans the Service's activities in the light of these changes. The review included proposals to change the ways in which we deliver our frontline response services. These proposals and other options were approved by the Fire and Rescue Authority in October 2014.