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Volunteer: Jane Walsh

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Saving More Lives as a Fire Service Volunteer

With a busy job working four days a week in environmental health, and four children, Jane Walsh would appear to have her hands full.

But she still finds the time to thrive in her volunteer role with HWFRS.


"I have to give a commitment to volunteer for a minimum of six hours a month," she said. "But that depends on the events and initiatives which are going on at the time."

Jane's role involves her in attending local festivals, open days at the fire station, passing out parades for new recruits, days to help raise fire safety awareness among pensioners, and giving talks in schools.

"I have also had to pretend to be a casualty in the firefighters' training and we use a smoke tent filled with artificial smoke to teach young people the best way to escape a fire," she added.

With the increased awareness of the hazards of fire in high-rise buildings since the Grenfell tragedy, she has also been part of a fire-safety awareness campaign to help prevent any further high-rise disasters.

"I may not be on the front line but, as a Volunteer, I'm sure that the advice and information we give saves lives," she said.

"It's an incredible role and so varied – and it's actually something for me, not just the people in the community that we're helping and advising.

"I really feel as though I'm making a difference."

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