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Ross-on-Wye Station

Ross-on-Wye Station
Gloucester Road

01432 347 049 (West District HQ)
0345 122 4454 (Service Headquarters)

Station Commander: Michelle Hicks

Station Type: On-call

Vehicles and Skills:

Other Station Information

Ross-on-Wye Fire Station lies to the southeast of Herefordshire close to the Gloucestershire and Welsh borders. The station ground covers an area of approximately 50 square miles with around 17,000 people living within the station area. The M50 and A40 run directly through the stations turn out area, along with various towns and villages.

Ross-on-Wye Fire Station is a retained fire station, so it is staffed solely by on-call firefighters, who respond to emergency calls whenever they are needed.

The crew have two fire engines; a Scania fire engine with a compressed air foam system and a Mercedes fire engine. The River Wye, which runs through the station turnout area, is a popular tourist attraction so the crew are trained as water first responders and are able to deal with any water related incidents.

On-call drill nights are held at the Fire Station every Tuesday from 6.30pm until 9.30pm.

Station risk profile

A station risk profile is a review of potential life risks in each of the Fire and Rescue Service's fire station areas.

Ross-on-Wye Station risk profile

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