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Saving More Lives

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Our Vision: Saving More Lives

Underpinned by the Purpose, Mission, and Values, the Vision of HWFRS is 'Saving More Lives' – whether it is saving and protecting people (and animals) during any emergency incident, or providing prevention and protection services to keep them safe in their homes, businesses, or on the roads.

All this activity is about making a difference to people's lives in our community. But 'Saving More Lives' is about expanding our work beyond the traditional fire and rescue services and being the best we can be for the service of our communities..

How will we save more lives?

Corporate objectives 17 21 1

Our Strategy sets out how we plan to achieve this Vision of Saving More Lives,  summarised in this graphic.

Understanding community risk, responding in the time of need, preventing harm, and promoting wellbeing are all at the very heart of the plan, which are then supported by our Financial Plan, the ICT Strategy, an Asset Management Strategy, and a People Strategy. But to be able to achieve this effectively and efficiently, we also need to engage and collaborate with our partners.

How can I find out more?

In this dedicated section, you can read more about the work that we do to contribute towards Saving More Lives and find out about how each and every one of our staff makes a difference.

Also read about how the Vision is part of the Service Purpose, Mission, and Values.