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Firework safety

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Your three key responsibilities for Bonfire Night

  1. Keep yourself and others safe
  2. Keep all pets and animals indoors
  3. Respect the community in which you live

1. Keep yourself and others safe

If you're having fireworks at home:

  • NEVER play with fireworks and stand well back when watching
  • ADULTS ONLY to light or hold fireworks
  • NEVER go back to a firework that has been lit
  • Wear gloves to hold sparklers and hold them arm's length, away from face and hair
  • Place a finished sparkler in a bucket of water
  • NEVER give sparklers to young children
  • Under-18s are not allowed to buy OR be in possession of fireworks
  • Always keep pets indoors

2. Keep all pets and animals indoors

  • Pets find fireworks very stressful and may run away
  • Loud bangs and whistles cause genuine pain to their ears
  • Try not to leave pets alone; they will usually find their own 'safe' place and should not be disturbed, e.g. under beds, behind the sofa
  • Give small pets extra bedding for burrowing in to buffer the sounds
  • Bring small hutches inside

3. Respect the community in which you live

  • In the wrong hands fireworks can be damaging and dangerous
  • It is an offence to throw or discharge a firework in a street or public place
  • Setting off fireworks between 11pm and 7am is not acceptable (with the exception of 5 November and religious events)
  • Do not cause distress by scaring people and pets (the young and older people are particularly vulnerable)
  • Do not make people feel uncomfortable in public places
  • Do not cause damage to property
  • Do not use fireworks to intentionally injure and harm others

And remember...

  • The misuse of fireworks carry a maximum of £5,000 fine or 6 months imprisonment, or both
  • The police have the power to stop and search for fireworks if they suspect an individual of being in possession of one

KEY MESSAGE: Stay safe this year. Remember how dangerous fireworks can be.