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Our guides will help you ensure your home, family, business and community are as safe as possible. The pages feature advice and information on a range of subjects, from the best way to react to a fire in your own home and how to ensure your workplace is safe to driving responsibly and staying safe around water.

You will also find documents and links to helpful information.

Use the links in the menu to the left to find out about more about reducing the risk of fire and staying safe in the event of a fire.

Definition of risk

We have considered areas of risk for fire and road, against the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) Definition of Risk. We have considered a range of other risks which are also important for us to understand.

We need to know where vulnerable people live. Having this information helps us plan how best to deliver our services to help prevent fires and other emergencies that could affect them. To help us define what we mean by ‘vulnerable’, we have identified and analysed the factors that put people at an increased likelihood of requiring an intervention or response from our Service.

Further information can be found in the Statement of Intent for Accident Dwelling Fires

Further information can be found in the Statement of Intent for Road Traffic Collisions