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Equality and diversity

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Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service is committed to challenging discriminatory behaviour or practices. We create an environment where our staff feel safe, secure, are valued; enabling us to provide the highest quality service to the communities we serve.

We recognise that equality and diversity must be at the heart of our day-to-day service delivery. We understand that the production of our policies and procedures, recruitment, training & development and retention of our staff are key aspects of mainstreaming the importance of this area.

Ethical Framework

The Service has an Ethical Framework and Code of Conduct document which provides service personnel with an aid to addressing issues of equality and diversity in the workplace. It identifies our values, purpose and the roles and responsibilities of all staff.

Our values

We have developed a unique set of values for our organisation based on the national Fire and Rescue Service core values. These values are a way of recognising the standard at which we operate and are as follows:

  • We value Innovation, change and learning
  • We value our people
  • We value diverse communities
  • We value our Service

Our staff and volunteers have a unique contribution to make while upholding these values. Ensuring the organisation meets the challenges of the future with these core values in mind.

Our commitment, values and future are a philosophy that states we will always operate fairly and ensuring dignity and respect in the workplace and in the communities we serve, in an environment which values individual contributions and we will work towards the elimination of unlawful discrimination.

Our equality objectives

Our equality objectives demonstrate our commitment and willingness to ensure that the service we provide meets the needs of all the communities we serve and our compliance with the Equality Act.

Our equality objectives are:

Leadership and Corporate Commitment
We will encourage a culture that supports equal treatment, opportunity, inclusion and transparency at all levels of the Authority.

Service Delivery and Community Risk
We will make sure that our prevention, protection and response activities target the most vulnerable people and the greatest risks.

People and Culture
To have a diverse workforce that represents our community.

Employment monitoring data

Here are our reports:

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Here are our reports:

Please note the figures in the 2017 report have been updated.

Contact us

Feedback about equality and diversity is important to us, if you would like to comment about the contents of our site, our equality objectives or just to know more, you can contact us by any of the methods listed below:

Write to:

Head of HR & Development

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service
Hindlip Park

Tel: 01905 368 355