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Emergency Planning

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue plays a key role in local and regional emergency planning

Our staff are here to assist and can be contacted on informationrequests@hwfire.org.uk

The Civil Contingencies Art 2004 established a framework for emergency planning and response at both local and national level. As a designated Category One Responder under the Act, the Service is a member of the West Mercia Local Resilience Forum.

The website contains general information about developments in civil protection, covering a wide range of emergencies from localised flooding to a terrorist attack. At times of emergency, the website will give updated information about the current situation, how the incident is being addressed and by whom, as well as any relevant information about how the public can assist.

The West Mercia Resilience Forum website also displays the Community Risk Register, which lists a number of generic risks, their probability of occurring and potential impact and the control measures in place. Refer to this list to see how the partnership has assessed potential risks and is in a state of preparedness to deal with these emergencies.

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