HWFRS qualifiers for National BA Challenge

National BA Challenge

Our HWFRS BA (Breathing Apparatus) Training Challenge was held in Telford with qualifying for the National Challenge at stake.

Best Team – Bromsgrove Fire Station

Runners-up: Leominster Fire Station

Best OIC (officer in charge) – Leominster Fire Station

Best driver – Worcester Fire Station

Best BA – Whitchurch Fire Station

Best ECO (entry control operative) – Worcester Fire Station

We also had guest teams from Shropshire, Staffordshire and Mid & West Wales.

On arrival, the teams were faced with a serious flat fire in a scenario where there had been an explosion in the boiler room of the block and several workers were missing.

They had to deal with a vented fire in the external boiler room and then were quickly committed to the fire with arduous hot conditions to carry out rescues.

Outside, they were kept just as busy with a vast array of work to be done in order to support the BA team and bring the incident to a successful conclusion.

All the teams demonstrated an extremely high standard in all areas which was testament to their dedication and professionalism.

The top two teams will represent HWFRS at the National BA Challenge at the Fire Service College on Saturday 7 October.