Radar to the Rescue! HWFRS’s K9 search team helps trace missing 14-year-old girl in Worcester

Radar search dog and handler Don Mackenzie

HWFRS search dog Radar recently played a major role in helping rescue a 14 year old girl who had gone missing in Worcester.

The call for help came after the girl was reported missing during a wet and cold evening.

With concern mounting for her safety, the police requested support from the fire service ‘K9’ search team to help with the operation.

Amid stormy weather and the missing person still not located, a Worcester crew and appliance quickly deployed with police to the race course in Worcester – the area where she was believed to be.

Arriving on scene, Radar and her canine handler Watch Commander Don Mackenzie went straight into action.

While police searched the grandstand, buildings and stables, Don and Radar searched the race course’s huge open area.

Radar covered a large stretch of ground very quickly and was soon able to scent the young girl using the wind from a long distance away, after just a 10-minute search.

Don, who is based with Radar at Droitwich, said:

The young girl was wet and cold and also very surprised to have a dog with a torch and an attached bell find her!

“But she was taken back safe and well to the police who reunited her with her mum.

“This is a great result for both the K9 and police crews working together, and I’m delighted that there was such a happy outcome.”

Radar is a 5 year old Malinois and she and her handler Don have comprised the HWFRS K9 team since June this year.

Having tackled numerous incidents in wide variety of search situations and weather, they have successfully located two people in this short time.

Radar has served with HWFRS for three years and is the Service’s second search dog.

Search dogs take 2 years to train.

The HWFRS K9 search team, including Radar, is available to search for people in a variety of situations in our two counties at all times, both day and night.